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Next meeting  Thursday 5th September 7.30pm

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NSW Formula 500

Sydney City Speedway

21st July 2013

Drivers attending the first run of the Season at Sydney City Speedway were happy to see brilliant blue skies and pleasant conditions as some had come from freezing temperatures and welcomed the warmer weather.

It was good to see some new drivers, Georgia Urpeth driving dad’s car, Beau Grech and Kale Johnson all drove very well throughout the meeting.

The first Heat did not end well for Chase Norman, when he was forced to retire, new driver Beau  Grech did not have a great start to his racing debut, with his car suffering from a sticking accelerator, Daniel Broadbent had a re-occurring problem with the chain, and Chris Alcorn’s car had carby problems, It didn’t look too good as all four cars pulled off on the same lap. The remaining cars completed the eight laps, Paul Gray taking first place from Graham Daniel, 3rd Parker (AKA. Spiderman) Johnson, 4th Kenny Norman 5th Kale Johnson,  6th Georgia Urpeth.

Heat 2 saw Kenny Norman and Daniel Broadbent off the front, Daniel took the lead and held on for the entire heat managing to hold of Paul Gray, 3rd Parker Johnson, 4th Daniel Graham, 5th Kenny Norman, 6th Kale Johnson, 7th Beau Grech, 8th Georgia Parker.  Chris Alcorn was force to retire after 3 laps with re-occurring carby problems.

The A Main saw Gray and Broadbent start from the rear at the request of the track management, thus having to overtake the three new drivers who were starting off the rear all meeting. Parker got a good start from the second row and lead for the entire race, Kenny Norman spun  on lap 2 causing a restart, then Paul Gray spun in corners 3 & 4 thus causing a restart on lap 7, Chris Alcorn, once again had problems and left the track after completing one lap. Parker drove a very good race, holding off Graham Daniels, 3rd Paul Gray, 4th Kenny Norman, 5th Beau Grech,  6th Georgia Urpeth. Kale failed to finish as did Daniel Broadbent whose car once again threw a chain.

NSW Title will be held at Gilgandra Speedway on 30th November 2013.

For any drivers wishing to check lap times for this meeting, please go to www.natsoft.com.au  and if anyone would like to check out the photos taken by Crashy’s Photos, please email to;  crashy58@hotmail.com





WA Title Info




NOTICE  Please Read




 Next Round Drivers Series

6th April Gunnedah




 NSW TITLE @ Gilgandga ( re-scheduled) 16th Feb 2013





NSW TITLE 26th January 2013
Entry forms are now available via forms page
if you are unable to print a copy, contact us through contact page and
entry forms can be emailed to you.
ENTRIES Close 17th January 2013








“Any form of Social Networking (this includes twitter, face book, texting etc) by a Driver, Pit Crew, or Official that is used to INTIMIDATE or HARRASS any other Driver, Pit Crew, or Official will have the matter investigated” 

If the matter is deemed to be proven and correct, those considered involved will be required to appear before the relevant NASR State Tribunal. 

Proven offences will carry a maximum twelve month suspension from the sport of Speedway for the first offence. 

It should be noted that where the responsible persons are not directly involved with the Division, but are clearly family members or friends, then it will be the competitor who shall suffer. 

Complaints can be leveled at anytime after the alleged offence. 

Please note this Rule was passed by the NASR (NSW&ACT) Board on 27th February 2011 and becomes effective immediately. This Rule is to be read out at Drivers Briefing along with the Duty of Care. 

Marion Baxter


Refer to F500 Rule Book Page 82








A big thank you to all of you who helped  in making this a very successful display and promoting the sport of speedway racing in NSW/ACT, by putting your  cars on display. A big thank you to those of you who stayed over the weekend to talk and answer questions, it was really appreciated.

Barry Towers had his Super Sedan on display, the car had a new body, new sign writing (all done that week) so that his car was spick and span, he also had his Shelby Cobra sign written the same as his race car, and if I had have charged for the photos taken of these two cars, we all could have had a lovely meal somewhere with the proceeds.

 Blake Skipper was on hand with his Sprintcar which drew a lot of attention and he spent time chatting to and answering numerous questions along with getting adults/children in and out of the car for photos.

Dani-Elle Levy had her Formula 500 on display, Dani-Elle was very busy over the weekend putting children in the car for photos and answering lots of questions.

Richard Meyers had a Litre Car on display and once again he was busy with photos and questions,

Anthony Brien had his Speedcar on display.

Thanks to Sydney Speedway for supplying us with complimentary passes for the speedway on Saturday night and for the other promotional material they supplied.

Thanks to Shane Collins who came over and spent two days with us before flying back on Sunday morning so that he could attend Warren King’s wedding. Shane brought over promotional material to hand out which was greatly appreciated. (there are photos of the display on Facebook )

As stated previously it was a big weekend for those present at the Speedway display, with thousands of people dropping in, asking questions, children getting into cars so mum or dad could take a photo of them, some of them getting into all of the cars, even mums and dads plus some big kids had their photos taken in the cars and I hope we gave those checking out the display an insight into Speedway and that next year we can get more Divisions to participate in show casing their sport.

Finally congratulations to Warren and his new bride from Speedway NSW & ACT and all of its members.








All members must be a Financial Member of their  association, they MUST have a current Rule Book July 2012. ( licences MUST be Valid and not expired)

Race Season 2012/2013
kicks off with  first round of the series @ Dubbo 20th October 2012 Entries for this round CLOSES on the 6th October 2 weeks prior









Please take time to view the following. If you believe one or more are incorrect please let us know. These results are unconfirmed

Year Location First Second Third 

1965 Point Bass SA Bob Lane (SA) Alan Young (SA) Phil Kennedy (SA) 

1966 Myrtleford VIC Kevin Yeomans (Vic) Ed Battistello (Vic) Ken Clifton (NSW) 

1967 Latrobe TAS Les Redpath (TAS) 

1968 Bundaberg QLD Jack Threadgate (NSW) Bob Haag (VIC) Tony Fields (QLD) 

1969 Myrtleford VIC Bob Haag (VIC) 

1970 Latrobe TAS Jack Threadgate (NSW) Bruce Higgs (TAS) Hugh Neal (NSW) 

1971 Murray Bridge SA Viv Wilks (SA) Graham Smith (VIC) Bill Richards (WA) 

1972 Warrnambool VIC Viv Wilks (SA) George Gregson (WA) Colin Rockcliff (TAS) 

1973 Latrobe TAS Ken Redpath (TAS) Viv Wilks (SA) Les Redpath (TAS) 

1974 Claremont WA John Andersson (WA) Ken Neilson (WA) Bill Richards (WA) 

1975 Bundaberg QLD John Andersson (WA) Ken Neilson (WA) Bryan Mullings (WA) 

1976 Heddon Greta NSW Ken Neilson (WA) John Owens (NSW)

1977 Murray Bridge SA John Andersson (WA) George Higgs (WA) Bill Haggard (QLD) 

978 Alice Springs NT George Higgs (WA) Bryan Mullings (WA) Rod Bottrell (WA) 

1979 Fairburn Park ACT Bill Broadwood (WA) Charlie Quagliata (QLD) Ray Mclean (ACT) 

1980 Melbourne VIC Max Dumesny (VIC) Rod Bottrell (WA) Bill Broadwood (WA) 

1981 Bridgewater TAS Lloyd Thorley (NSW) Rod Bottrell (WA) Bryan Mullings (WA) 

1982 Bibra Lake WA Max Dumesny (VIC) Des Ferris (WA) Peter Sumpton (WA) 

1983 Archerfield QLD Lloyd Thorley (NSW) Brad Cameron (NSW) Bryan Mullings (WA)

1984 Newcastle NSW Don Bowey (SA) Lloyd Thorley (NSW) Grahame Baxter (NSW) 

1985 Murray Bridge SA Don Bowey (SA) Grahame Baxter (NSW) Gavin Migro (WA) 

1986 Alice Springs NT Vince Chapman (WA) Brian Golding (SA) Lloyd Thorley (NSW) 

1987 Bibra Lake WA Vince Chapman (WA) Max Fuller (QLD) Bryan Mullings (WA) 

1988 Tralee ACT Lloyd Thorley (NSW) Ricky Hart (QLD) Gavin Jaenke (QLD)

1989 Swan Hill VIC Clive Baxter (NT) Roy Urpeth (NSW) Grahame Baxter (NSW)

1990 Carrick TAS Roy Urpeth (NSW) Lloyd Thorley (NSW) Terry Watson (TAS) 

1991 Cairns QLD Graeme Odger (QLD) Don Bowey (SA) Gavin Jaenke (QLD) 

1992 Wagga NSW Mick Pronger (QLD Trevor Cotterill (VIC) Jeff Hancock (WA) 

1993 Murray Bridge SA Don Bowey (SA) Mick Pronger (QLD) Gavin Casey (QLD) 

1994 Alice Springs NT Don Bowey (SA) Phil Crofts (WA) Gavin Jaenke (QLD) 

1995 Goulburn NSW Tony Pryor (NSW) Adrian Redpath (TAS) Brian Thorley (NSW) 

1996 Hamilton Vic Tony Pryor (NSW) Stephen Bell (VIC) Jeff Hancock (WA) 

1997 Latrobe TAS Phillip Woodberry (TAS) Stephen Bell (VIC) Brad Chapman (WA) 

1998 Bunbury WA Trevor Harding (WA) Tony Pryor (NSW) Roy Urpeth (NSW) 

1999 Cairns QLD Luke Dillon (SA) Brad Chapman (WA) Laurence Quagliata (QLD) 

2000 Newcastle NSW Luke Dillon (SA) Gavin Casey (QLD) Chris Alcorn (NSW) 

2001 Murray Bridge SA Luke Dillon (SA) Lee Dillon (SA) Trevor Harding (WA) 

2002 Alice Springs NT Jason Loveday (SA) Ken Wilsher (VIC) Wayne Dymock (WA) 

2003 Goulburn NSW Lee Dillon (SA) Ken Wilsher (VIC) Nathan Pronger (QLD) 

2004 Warrnambool VIC Darren Mollenyoux (VIC) Matt Brown (WA) Michael Wise (SA) 

2005 Latrobe TAS Matt Brown (WA) Warren Ponting (VIC) Jamie Veal (VIC) 
2006 Esperance WA Ben Devlin (WA) Warren Ponting (VIC) Jamie Veal (VIC)

2007 Maryborough QLD Ben McLeod (VIC) Tim Rankin ( VIC) Steve Caunt ( NSW)

2008 Lismore NSW Mick Pronger (QLD) Garry Hart (QLD) Alex McLaughlin (WA)

2009 Bordertown SA Brock Hallett (QLD) Gavin Hutton (SA) Steven Gay (WA) 

2010 Alice Springs NT Daniel Harding (SA) Dale Shilleto (QLD) Liam Williams (VIC) 

2011 Goulburn NSW Liam Williams (VIC) Jye O’Keeffe (VIC) Dale Shilleto (QLD) 

2012 Laang VIC Jessica Moulden (VIC) James Aranyosi (VIC) Brock Hallett (QLD) 

2013 Carrick TAS



















Holding our Presentation at the track after the race meeting was a first for us; it was helped by the meeting being a twilight event and was very well supported. I believe it was a great idea, as one person stated “it’s the most people we had had to a presentation in a long time” due to the distance the members have to drive to attend a presentation. Brian Cox and his crew of helpers decorated the area, set up tables and provided a lovely meal. Thanks to all who helped out

The NSW Premiers Driver was a nail biter right down to the outcome of the Feature Race, with Jaimie McKinlay and Matt Hunter, separated by  a couple of points as was Luca Cox and Michael Baxter. The Feature was won by Matt Hunter but Jaime McKinlay had accrued enough points over the nights racing to win by one (1) point (815pts) from Matt Hunter (814pts). 3rd Luca Cox (772pts) 4th Michael Baxter (761pts) 5th Brian Cox (524pts) 6th Chase Norman (478pts) 7th Kenny Norman (421pts) 8th Danni-Elle Levy (417pts) 9th Chris Alcorn (382pts) 10th Murray Johnson (333pts) 11th Roy Urpeth (326pts) 12th Nathan Paull (224pts).

On behalf of the competitors “thanks to the Officials for travelling to all the Events, to the Promoters for running Rounds of the Series and to the families for supporting them” Thank You.

Placings on the night were;

Heat 1; 1st Matt Hunter  2nd Luca Cox, 3rd Kenny Norman,  4th Jaimie McKinlay,  5th Michael Baxter,                                    6th Chase Norman, 7th Brian Cox, 8th Nathan Paull, 9th Dani-Elle levy

Heat 2; 1st Jaimie McKinley,  2nd Michael Baxter, 3rd Matt Hunter, 4th Luca Cox, 5th Chase Norman,     6th Kenny  Norman, 7th Brian Thorley, 8th Dani-Elle Levy , 9th Nathan Paull.

Heat 3; 1st Luca Cox, 2nd Jaimie McKinlay, 3rd Chase Norman, 4th Michael Baxter, 5th Matt Hunter,     6th Brian Cox, 7th Dani-Elle Levy, 8th Nathan Paul    ( Kenny Norman did not start this heat)

During the Feature race we saw cars going up on two wheels, Nathan hit the tyres in corners 1 & 2 causing a restart, Luca Cox led the field from the second lap after starting at the rear, followed by Matt Hunter and Jaimie McKinlay, on lap 12 lap Luca lost the lead to Hunter, then on the 14th lap McKinlay moved into second place. 

Final placings in the Feature were;

1st Matt Hunter 2nd Jaimie McKinlay, 3rd Luca Cox, 4th Michael Baxter, 5th Chase Norman, 6th Brian Cox, 7th Dani-Elle Levy ,  8th Nathan Paull.













Presentation Tamworth following meeting

Just a few snap shots of the night















  As you can see is was a very  cold night




Luca Cox celebrated his 21st Birthday celebrated @ Tamworth following presentation













Round 5 Formula 500 NSW Drivers Series.

By Warwick Hunter

With 41 events scheduled it was going to be a busy night. Our series plus an Aust Title and an NSW title by other divisions.

Our first heat threw up what was to be a night of problems for our chief Steward. Confusion between the person working the lights and the person on the flags saw the start with the flags showing green and the light coming on some time later. This made it difficult for the drivers on the outside row to see what was happening as the flag marshal was at trackside. The failure to put the red light on in time after a rollover was alarming.

With a time restraint and so many races, the track was over watered and thanks to the wingless sprints doing so many laps to bring it back we might not have had any more races that night.

Our feature race was to be 20 laps, but just 5 laps in we had a car roll over. The restart got underway and 2 laps later a car spun and was stopped on the track. I asked for the yellow to come on but there was no response our chief steward grabbed the flag and waved it himself at this time no yellow light was on. The track side officials decided to let the race run without a restart.

I complained bitterly about the dangers of leaving a car in that position to a person sitting on a trike with no yellow safety vest and no helmet on as he seemed to be a person calling the shots, his response was that he had a time limit and decided to can the rest of our feature. At this time I thought that we had been hard done by, but no I was wrong.

The night went into complete chaos from that time on and as I have been told the Aust Title for the Micro Sprints was cut short. If the promotion had come to us and some of the other divisions we would have cut our features down to accommodate the Aust Title.

Our Chief Steward is to be congratulated on the way he handled the most disorganised race meeting I have ever had the misfortune to attend.  

The comments above are my own and in no way reflect what the drivers and committee of the NSW Formula 500 club may think about the way the meeting was run.



 Chris Alcorn checking damage from Gunnedah feature race


             Chris Alcorn inspecting the damaged sustained in feature race @ Gunnedah



                       Feature Winner 1st Matt Hunter(L), 2nd Jamie McKinlay(R), 3rd Luca Cox (C)


4th Round GUNNEDAH SPEEDWAY 14th April 2012

I am sure those competitors who attended this round where please to see no thunderstorm activity in the area as our last two Rounds ( Gunnedah & Gilgandra) were cancelled after the running of our first heat due to torrential rain and the abandonment of the meeting. The Gunnedah promoter ( Barry Towers ) had informed all that the meeting would be commencing at 3pm to beat the rain if it came, Barry would have had concerns regarding the weather as the local farmers have taken to  calling him the drought breaker.

We started out with respectful numbers but then the phone started ringing with drivers being unable to attend due to illness and work commitments which was disappointing, never the less those that did make it put on some great racing.

Heat 1; saw Matt Hunter lead from pole with Jamie McKinlay in hot pursuit, following by Chris Alcorn, Luca Cox and Michael Baxter, Brian Cox had the Gunnedah gremlins on board once again and failed to make it onto the track.

Heat 2 and it was Baxter’s turn off pole, Luca Cox on the outside, Baxter lead the field until the 4th lap when Alcorn gained the lead, on the 7 lap Baxter lost second place to Jamie McKinlay ,

Placings were Chris Alcorn, Jamie McKinlay, Michael Baxter, Matt Hunter, Luca Cox and Brian Cox.

Heat 3 and Matt Hunter made it to corner two before coming to a stop after popping a chain. At the restart Alcorn took the lead and led convincingly for the entire heat winning by a quarter of a lap. Jamie McKinlay was placed second, 3rd Luca Cox, 4th Michael Baxter, 5th Brian Cox.

The Feature saw the highest point scorers Chris Alcorn (58pts) and Jamie McKinlay (57pts) off the rear, Luca Cox and Michael Baxter tied on 51pts,  then Matt Hunter (37pts) and Brian Cox (31pts) off the front line. On the green, Hunter took the lead from a fast charging Alcorn who came through the pack like a bullet,  taking over the lead on the second lap, Hunter tried desperately to keep in contact and to keep McKinlay at bay. Chris Alcorn had a commanding lead and was coming down the straight to commence the 12 lap when he come up to lap a car, he rode the wheel on the Brian Cox’s car which had suddenly expired on the track in front of him. Chris had a nasty roll but was uninjured; needless to say the car needs some work done to it.

At the restart Hunter led the field away and held onto first place from Jamie McKinlay, 3rd Luca Cox 4th Michael Baxter

Next Round will be Tamworth 28th April 2012, and the final round will be at Nowra on 12th May due to the Nowra Round being cancelled due to floods in the region earlier this year.


                         NSW TITLE WINNERS

                    1st Charlie Brown, 2nd Kristen Brown & 3rd Chris Alcorn

                                     Feature Winners (L) Chris Alcorn,(C) Kristen Brown,(R) Charlie Brown







24th March 2012

Charlie Brown won his third consecutive NSW Formula 500 Title held at Tamworth Speedway on Saturday night. Entry numbers were down on previous years which was put down to the Australian Title being run at Laang in two weeks’  time and the economic environment. Out of those 17 cars entered  only 16 raced as Michael Baxter had to withdraw on Saturday morning due to illness.

The Rounds were run over 2 Heats  with the hope that all cars would still be running for the Final, and this was almost the case as only one car ( Ross  McAteer) failed to make the final.

Round 1; Heat 1 saw drivers coming to grips with the slick granite with a touch of clay track, young Nathan Paull was sent to the infield after spinning and Ross McAteer retied with flooding problems.

1st Chris Alcorn 2nd Charlie Brown, 3rd Kristen Brown, 4th Brian Thorley, 5th Kenny Norman, 6th Chase Norman

Heat 2 saw one stoppage when Daniel Broadbent spun bringing on the yellow, placings were

1st Luca Cox, 2nd Murray Johnson, 3rd Matt Hunter, 4th Dan Scougall, 5th David Baxter, 6th Dani-Elle Levy, 7th Daniel Broadbent, 8th Brian Cox

As the night wore on the times showed the drivers were getting use to the track with Luca Cox posting the fastest single lap times in the Heats with a 16.621, Dan Scougall 16.894 and Murray Johnson a time of 16.897.

Round 2 Heat 1 saw another stoppage when Nathan Paull  spun in the 5th lap, Dan Scougall led the field from the start and took the win from  Chase Norman 3rd Kenny Norman, 4th Luca Cox, 5th Murray Johnson, 6th Ross McAteer, 7th Nathan Paull.

Heat 2 was run without a stoppage with Charlie Brown starting from pole and leading for the entire heat, 2nd Kristen Brown, 3rd Chris Alcorn, 4th Matt Hunter, 5th Brian Thorley,  6th  David Baxter, 7th Dani-Elle Levy

Round 3 Heat 1 saw some action at the start with some cars riding wheels as they  josled  for positions, David Baxter led the entire heat with Luca Cox in second place, Luca went wide in corner two on the last lap droping back through the field, 2nd Brian Thorley, 3rd Kristen Brown, 4th Dan Scougall, 5th  Matt Hunter, 6th Luca Cox, 7th Ross McAteer, 8th Nathan Paull

Heat 2 and Kenny Norman led from the start followed by Chris Alcorn and Charlie Brown, coming around to the start line on the final lap  we saw some very close racing as the three leaders met up with a lapped car, two went one side and one went the other and in corners 1 & 2 Chris Alcorn and Charlie Brown tussled for position with Alcorn holding onto second place from Brown  4th Chase Norman, 5th Murray Johnson, 6th Dani-Elle Levy, 7th Daniel Broadbent.

The Title saw tied points for pole position and the number one spot went to Chris Alcorn as he had the fastest single lap time from the previous heats, Charlie Brown filled position two, with Kristen Brown and Kenny Norman  off the second row.

Racing got underway with Brown leading from Alcorn, Kristen Brown and Kenny Norman off the second row. The racing was stopped when Nathan Paull and Chase Norman came together in corners 3 & 4 and racing commenced Charlie led the field away, from Alcorn with Kristen Brown ready to make a move, which she did the following lap to take position 2 from Alcorn. One lap down an another spin this time it was  Daniel Broadbent, it was Charlie Brown from the restart followed by Kristen and they retained these positions to the checkered  flag, 3rd Chris Alcorn,  4th Kenny Norman, 5th Luca Cox, 6th Matt Hunter, 7th Murray Johnson, 8th David Baxter, 9th Brian Thorley, 10th Dan Scougall, 11th Brian Cox, 12th Dani-Elle Levy, DNFs Chase Norman, Daniel Broadbent, Nathan Paull.

Fastest single lap times from the Final were Charlie Brown 15.932, Kristen Brown 16.307. Chris Alcorn 16.432  for more result check Mylaps.




Presentation Day  30 July 2011


Series Winners (L) Luca Cox 2nd, (C) Michael Baxter 1st, (R) Wayne Galvin 3rd


Best Presented Car Matt Hunter Car 17


Best Presented Pit Crew Wayne Galvin(L). David Mace (R)


Best Presented Driver Wayne Galvin


Most Improved Luca Cox


Encouragement Award Matt Hunter


Club Members (L) Maria Hunter, (C) Jessie Urpeth accepting for Kel Threadgate, (R) Grahame Baxter


Drivers Series Wayne Galvin 3rd


Drivers Series Luca Cox 2nd


Michael Baxter & Matt Hunter on KP Duty



Enjoying the days good weather














































































































































































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